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Of late I’ve just been mulling over how a very small, apparently insignificant item or detail can upset the apple cart. My telephone line was constantly noisy and nothing the telecom department did worked. It obstinately remained noisy. So noisy that we couldn’t hear the person at the other end. Finally, the linesman found the source – a pair of cables were cobbled together wrongly. Culprit – moi. I’d removed them many years ago and put them back in the wrong order. The problem came up only now, though.

It made me think how often and for how many years, a small deviation from the truth of God’s Word, a small unacknowledged and undealt with sin or inclination towards a particular type of sin can derail a person’s life and completely ruin it. Satan is in no hurry – he has all the time in the world to ruin us and the generations to come, and he will, as we allow him to.

However, the good news is that, our God is able to overcome even such complete ruination and destruction, and restore and rebuild afresh, IF we come to him with humble hearts, acknowledge and repent of our sins and our wicked ways, (anything that does not conform to God’s ways are wicked in His eyes), renounce and completely turn from them, receive his love and forgiveness and healing and empowering to live righteously, inside and out.

Nothing is too hard for God.