It’s been ages since I blogged. Call it a bad case of writer’s block and cold feet.

I know what’s expected of me, but it’s so foreign to me that I still freeze up. Yet, I must try. Here goes….

By rights, I ought not to be around… shortly I after I was born, a premie way back in the past, I had diarrhoea that just wouldn’t stop. I lost weight, all my hair fell out, I became dehydrated because my system just wouldn’t hold anything down. The best paediatrician in my hometown couldn’t help. My dad resigned himself to losing his child. Mum, as mothers go, wasn’t willing to give up on her brat.

We changed doctors and wonder of wonders, Dr. Seth found out that I couldn’t tolerate fats… so he put me on half-strength baby food and it worked. The diarrhoea finally stopped 12 days before my first birthday, my hair grew back and I regained weight though I remained a sickly babe.

When I was two, my parents came home unexpectedly early, because mum was uncomfortable and felt she had to be home right then… to find me in throes of a full-blown asthma attack for the first time. The maid said it began within 20 minutes of their departure. Talk about a mother’s intuition. Were it not for her, twice within my first two years, I’d have conked it.

I went on to cheerfully have all the childhood diseases in ample measure, and being such a cheerful, generous kid, passed them to everyone around me: mum, cousins… only my dad was immune. Go figure…. End result: early on I developed a sturdy dislike for needles and being poked and prodded…

Looking back, I’m convinced that God had his hand on me even then.  Why did I survive? I don’t know. Does it mean God doesn’t have his hand on those who don’t survive? No. I don’t pretend to know why some make it, while many don’t, despite the best (medical) care. I don’t know why He chose me to live on… but He did and I  have thrived despite everything bring thrown at me….

So if you’re or your baby or loved one is facing tough times and persistent illnesses… don’t despair or give up. God is still on the throne and he can intervene miraculously. Even if he doesn’t… he is still the God who works miracles… more later.