Today my friends and many people the world over are praying for a 5-year old boy Caleb who’s fighting for his life.  He has been in the fight of his young life so far, for the last three months.

Diagnosed with blood sepsis, skin blackened and sloughing off, flesh all ulcerated, feet below the knees all black and hard like marble… he needs a miracle to save his legs and his life.

Little kids are often more vulnerable to life’s vagaries than adults. I remember when I was five, I came down with a severe UTI. Then one night my dad, my appa and my best friend until then, literally walked out overnight on his marriage, his wife and kid.

Devastated doesn’t begin to describe it. That was the beginning of learning to deal with major abandonment and trust and rejection issues…

But God has been more than good. More times than I care to count, he’s told me that he will never leave me or forsake me (Heb13:5), not to hold men’s (generic term) sins against him and that he has loved me with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3). These are eternal truths.

It’s not been easy to accept these truths wholeheartedly, and it has been painful at times. However, with God’s help and a lot of prayer support from my family and friends, I’m getting there.  Learning to trust and let God be God. Learning to forgive my dad and those who hurt me from the heart. These lessons are ones we will always be learning at deeper levels all our lives, I guess.

I also believe my God, the God of the Bible can heal me so perfectly of anything life throws at me, that not even scars remain. Not even the memory of the scars…  Will I always remember what appa did? Yep, but it’ll no longer matter or have the power to hurt or dictate my actions, perceptions, thoughts or responses to people and God. This can happen here on earth, as I allow Him lordship over my life and trust Him. I look forward to being so completely healed that not even the smell of smoke is there on my clothes….

If God can take me, broken and messed up and all and use me… he can do the same to you. He’s not partial to anyone. Total surrender to him is key.

So, I know, no matter what odds Caleb faces, with a miracle working God, he will get over it.